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Shy Girl Looking For Love

1. Age - 23
2. Sex - Female
3. Location - Longwood, Florida
4. Height - Five feet
5. Body Type - I'm a little heavy
6. Hair - Dark brown
7. Eyes - Blue
8. Religion - Pagan
9. Ethnicity - American but is 1/5th Greek
10. Language - English
11. Education - High school
12. Occupation - I just moved recently. So I am job hunting.
13. Smoker - No
14. Drinker - No
15. Marital Status - Single
16. Have Children - No
17. Want Children - No

Looking for:

Your Match: Male or female, intersexed (but I like guys more).
Age Range: 18-30
Weight: Doesn't matter
Height: not important
Race/Ethnicity: doesn't mater
Body Type: I don't really care
Eye Color: Don't care
Relationship Status: Would prefer if the person is single and looking
Gender preference: I just want someone with an open mind. I'm going through some things.
Smoke:I would prefer no but can understand it.
Drink:Same as above.
Picture required:It would be nice but not needed.

Someone who is open minded and is willing to grow, and change in the relationship. Someone who shares my interests. Somebody who likes to laugh. I'm not a real out dorsey person. I'm a home body. I love book worms. You know the nerdy geeky types. I would prefer that the relationship start off slowly and if we just click as friends that's fine. But you just never know.

The ideal match should live:

I don't really care. I'm looking to meet all kinds of different people.

Can you provide the URL for us to take a peek?

That's my LJ profile. It's about as in depth as you can get.
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