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He's Everything You Want

1. Age 23
2. Sex Male
3. Location Maryland
4. Height 5'9
5. Body Type athletic
6. Hair dark blonde
7. Eyes green
8. Religion n/a
9. Ethnicity white
10. Language english, german, japanese
11. Education college
12. Occupation photo lab tech
13. Smoker no
14. Drinker only socially
15. Marital Status single
16. Have Children no
17. Want Children yes

Looking for:
(Please answer same questions as above.)

The ideal match should live:a or b
a. Within 30 minutes
b. Within 60 minutes
c. Up to 2 hours
d. Within a weekend's drive
e. Love knows no boundaries

Does the relationship-seeking person have an LJ / blog / web page? yes

..Can you provide the URL for us to take a peek? click my username

More Under the cut

What is your idea of the perfect partner? someone who is devoted and kind. wants to have a close relationship. someone i can count on to be there fore me.

What is the first thing you notice about someone? their eyes and attitude

What kind of person are you usually attracted to? creative people. affectionate , artistic, devoted

What kind of person are you usually friends with? all sorts of people. just as long as they can be trusted.

What physical traits are you looking for in someone? I suppose I do believe you must be physically attracted to someone as well as mentally/emotionally. I really would like to find someone who is my height or shorter. My wieght (140) or lighter.
hair colour doesnt make a real difference but i'd like really light hair or really dark hair. and eyes.. they have to be bright. colour doesn't matter.
I'm not really attracted to super thin.

What personality traits are you looking for in someone? Someone devoted whole heartedly. sincerity. kindness. loving. affectioate. HONEST

Anything else you feel everyone should know about you? I'm pretty reserved. Kind of cautious after my last relationship ended.
I may be a little slow to warm up but once I get to know you I'll open up more.

Personal testimony of the Matchmaker:
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