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Matchmakers of LJ

...now serving millions.

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Anybody , Moderated
Welcome to LJ's first community of Matchmakers!

The guidelines for this community are very simple -- just post a profile of the person you wish to find a date for using the suggestions below.

Part of the lure of this community is that a FRIEND is vouching that you're good dating / relationship material. It's okay to post your own profile, but your stock goes up when a Matchmaker vouches for you.

Photos are strongly encouraged, but please place them *behind* an lj-cut. And of course, always receive permission before you post a picture of another individual.

All participants must be 18 years of age or older. We cannot be held liable for anything, but will gladly take credit for successful matches.

1. Age
2. Sex
3. Location
4. Height
5. Body Type
6. Hair
7. Eyes
8. Religion
9. Ethnicity
10. Language
11. Education
12. Occupation
13. Smoker
14. Drinker
15. Marital Status
16. Have Children
17. Want Children

Looking for:
(Please answer same questions as above.)

The ideal match should live:
a. Within 30 minutes
b. Within 60 minutes
c. Up to 2 hours
d. Within a weekend's drive
e. Love knows no boundaries

Does the relationship-seeking person have an LJ / blog / web page?

..Can you provide the URL for us to take a peek?

Personal testimony of the Matchmaker: